Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Welcome to SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine

After 2 months of peppering the internet with links to our first two issues, SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine has finally found a more stable home. Here you will be able to find links to all past issues and stay notified when the new ones arrive. We publish between the 15th and 17th of every month.

So what have you missed?

Issue #1 (January)
-Photographer Profiles: Graeme Hunter MacPherson and Alberto Sed
-Photo Editorial by Tyson Habein: The Thrill of the Chase
-Ongoing Music Column, Compulsive Chronicles: Sara Habein ruminates on using specific names in songs.

Issue #2 (February)
-Artist Profiles: Justin Aerni and Dara Harvey
-Venue Profile: The Blvd.
-Lloyd N. Phillips interviews the man behind 4000 Holes, Bob Gallagher
-Portrait Series by Tyson: 10 Strangers
-First Friday Artwalk: Photos and commentary by Tyson and Lloyd
-Compulsive Chronicles: The Act of Music Shopping, Keep the Joy Alive

Stay tuned for March!