Saturday, May 16, 2009

SPOKE(a)N(e) Issue #5: May 2009

The fifth issue of SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine is up, and as usual, we want to know what you think.

Check it out here.

What can you expect to find this month?

-Tyson Habein interviews photographer and Mon Cheri drummer, Brandon Vasquez, along with clothing and accessories designer, Dayle Sandborn

-Lloyd N. Phillips interviews musicians from the Spokane Babes of Music Showcase, featuring Gutterpony, Cure All Remedy, Kristen Marlo, and Colleen Rice. He also covers the First Friday Art Walk.

-Tyson’s interview and eight page fashion spread featuring the work of 17-year-old clothing designer Lexi Carr.

-In the current Compulsive Chronicles, Sara Habein devotes some thought to what makes cover songs special. While possibly alienating Rolling Stones fans in the process. Try not to hold it against her.

SPOKE(a)N(e) is always looking for contributors (writing and photography), advertisers (see the back page of this issue for our rates), and all around recommendations. Email us, promote your work, promote your friend’s work, or just say, “Hey, I saw something really cool, and I’d like to tell you about it.”

We want to cover anything creative, in the farthest-reaching definition of the word, so if you’re unsure if what you want to promote is our “style,” email us anyway. We’re an inclusive bunch.

Even if you don’t want to contribute, let us know you’re reading. We can also be found on Facebook, where fans of the magazine receive updates, teasers for upcoming issues, and whatever other goodies we’d like to share.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Hello there SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine bloggers! I truly enjoyed your pdf file's layout and information on local artists; your magazine gives the people of Spokane something more localized on the up-and-coming artists. I really appreciate that... it seems The Inlander can only cover so much.

    I am not sure if you take admissions/requests, but I wanted to highlight a local artist and friend's photography to you guys. Who knows? Maybe you'll like it enough to post it in your next magazine. I cannot speak highly enough about his Spokane (and Global) photography.

    The comunity needs to see his artwork. He simply is too modest to tell the world about it himself.

    His name is Jeremy Hopkins (, and his flickr account gives you a great overview of some of his collections ( If you'd ever like to feature his stuff, I am sure he'd be more than happy to provide an interview!

    Here's my name and e-mail if you have any questions--Hillary Miller (, Spokane local for 3 years and loving it.



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