Thursday, September 17, 2009

SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine: Issue #9

Greetings all, here we are again presenting the latest in and around Spokane. September's issue is almost all about one-night-only events and the sense of community surrounding them.

Check it all out here

--Photographer Shane Savage and writer Laureen Savage cover the recent Finding Fiction gig over at Art, Music & More.

--Tyson Habein captures the sights from both the Main Street Fair and that evening's Sustainable Uprising.

--Sara Habein takes a quick look at the new creative collective, RiVerSpeAK, founded by Brooke Matson.

--Tyson also covers this month's First Friday Art Walk, with looks at the Saranac Gallery, the Community Building, Sante, Brickwall Gallery, Avenue West, Studio Capelli, and Empyrean.

--And in Compulsive Chronicles, drifting away from group efforts, Sara ruminates on the perils and triumphs of solo albums. "For every John, Paul and George, there’s a Ringo..."

We do hope you enjoy. And if you haven't yet, please take our reader survey.


  1. I love that photograph of the cranes! Seriously, I would buy a print of it!

  2. Hello!

    I apologize for putting this in a comment, but I couldn't find an email address.

    I'm the Get Lit! Programs Assistant coordinator and I wanted to tell you al little bit about what we do. If you're not familiar, we're a program through EWU and we're in our 12th year of putting on an annual literary festival every spring (April 14-21, 2010) as well as run educational outreach programs. Our festival features author readings, panels, workshops, concerts, poetry slams, and family events. Many of our events are free and we appeal to a very diverse crowd. In the past we've brought authors such as Garrison Keillor, David Suzuki, Jane Smiley, David Sedaris, Kurt Vonnegut, Thomas Lynch, and Robert Bly. We also have many events exclusively featuring local writers.

    I was hoping you could add a link to our website on your blog. In addition to promoting the festival and educational outreach programs, our website also links to a literary events calendar including any events in the Inland Northwest and a blog addressing local arts issues and events. We would be happy to include a link to your website our our blog as well.

    Feel free to peruse, and let me know:


    Sabrina Mauritz
    Get Lit! Programs Assistant coordinator

  3. When does issue 10 come out? :)


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