Monday, August 17, 2009

SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine Issue #8: August 2009

Issue #8 is (almost) all about FOOD. Inside, you'll find:

-Profile of the personal chef service, Your Table Gourmet
-A quick visit with Dry Fly Distillery
-Photo Editorial: Cultural Stereotypes - Aisle 5
-Adventures in Shopping: What can you get with $20 at three local food sources?
-First Friday and Art Loose on the Palouse coverage
-Compulsive Chronicles: Sunday Morning Records

All 28 pages of tasty goodness available here.


Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page, as later today we'll be posting a survey. (If you're not already a fan on Facebook, take a minute now to become one. Think of it as a bonus feature.) We want to know what you think of the magazine --- what we've covered so far, what we should be covering, and other tidbits. Stay tuned.

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