Thursday, September 17, 2009

SPOKE(a)N(e) Magazine: Issue #9

Greetings all, here we are again presenting the latest in and around Spokane. September's issue is almost all about one-night-only events and the sense of community surrounding them.

Check it all out here

--Photographer Shane Savage and writer Laureen Savage cover the recent Finding Fiction gig over at Art, Music & More.

--Tyson Habein captures the sights from both the Main Street Fair and that evening's Sustainable Uprising.

--Sara Habein takes a quick look at the new creative collective, RiVerSpeAK, founded by Brooke Matson.

--Tyson also covers this month's First Friday Art Walk, with looks at the Saranac Gallery, the Community Building, Sante, Brickwall Gallery, Avenue West, Studio Capelli, and Empyrean.

--And in Compulsive Chronicles, drifting away from group efforts, Sara ruminates on the perils and triumphs of solo albums. "For every John, Paul and George, there’s a Ringo..."

We do hope you enjoy. And if you haven't yet, please take our reader survey.